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General Terms and Conditions

1. Service provider details
Short name:  Geréby Kúria Kft.
Registered seat: 6050 Lajosmizse, Alsólajos 224.
Company registry number: CG. 0309000-356/90
Tax number:  10368231-2-03

2.  Establishment of the service contract, booking and amendments to the booking
2.1. The guest can make an oral inquiry or send a request in writing or have the possibility to book directly online. The hotel will send you an offer / confirm the online reservation automatically.
2.2 The contract comes into effect when the hotel has confirmed the reservation in writing or the online reservation system sends the automatic confirmation message. Verbally given reservation, agreement, change and oral feedback is not valid.
2.3 In the case of group reservations, the order is only confirmed by payment in advance and with the written confirmation of the hotel.

3. Cancellation conditions, changes
3.1.   In case of the reservation is relying for 10 Persons, 5 rooms or 5 guest nights. (Or less than these listed services):
3.1.1.In case of non-package offers Untill 6 p.m on the arriving day you can cancel your reservation free of any charges. In case of No cancellation or No-show the accomodation for 1 night and the other services (ordered for arriving and second day)  must be paid , (included the taxes.)    Orders without room reservation ( Restaurant, horse services etc) cancellation is possible without any charges 24 hours before arriving. In case of No cancellation or No-show  all the ordered services has to be paid. (included taxes)
3.1.2.    In the case of package deals: In the case of ecclesiastical and legal holidays (and other periods), the written offer / confirmation contains the cancellation conditions.
3.2 Cancellation conditions for company, wedding and family events: For these events the cancellation conditions apply in the written offer / confirmation of the hotel.

4. Prices
4.1 The room prices (Rack rates) of the hotel are displayed in the hotel room or at the hotel reception. Online you can find the official prices on the site: www.gereby.hu.
4.2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
4.3. The indicated prices include the value-added tax (VAT), but the local tax always has to be paid extra at the place.
4.4. Current discounts, promotions are announced on the website gereby.hu.

5. Extra beds
5.1. Extra beds can be put only in certain room categories.
5.2. Please note that extra beds must be booked in advance as they are not available in all rooms.
5.3. Children's fees are included in the price list. In the hotel online reservation system  childrens rooms costs are calculated according the age and current room category.

6. Method of payment, advance payment, guarantee
6.1. In the case of individual guests, the services must be paid latest on the day of departure.
6.2 The hotel can charge your credit card prior to your arrival at the hotel. In these cases a valid credit card is required to guarantee the reservation.
6.3. The invoice can be in HUF and / or
a) in any currency that the hotel declares as accepted currencies. The conversion or settlement may be made at the rate indicated by the hotel.
b) The hotel accepts cashless payment instruments (credit card, SZÉP card) The current list is of this payment instruments are available  on request.

Travel agencies:
The contract with the service provider contains the individual terms of payment.

Payment of 50% deposit by bank transfer, according to the ordered services, by pre-booking from the hotel, 15 days before the event. The balance is then paid within 8 days after delivery by transfer.

7. Check in / Check out
7.1. The rooms are available from 3 pm on the day of arrival until 10 am on the day of departure. If necessary, there is a storage room for your luggage.
7.2. Early check-in: Depending on availability "early check-in" is possible from 09.00 in the morning. Early Checkin fee is 5.500, -HUF / room.
7.3. Late check-out:  Depending on availability "late check-out" is possible until 4 pm. Late check-out fee is 5,500, -HUF / room.
The hotel can unilaterally waives the fee of early checkin and late checkout.

8. Pets
8.1. Pets are allowed (max. 20 kg) in the hotel room always under supervision. With the pet you can enter the restaurant, but you can not enter the drink bar, the wellness and the children's playroom.
8.2. Pets must always be displayed upon reservation. Without registration the hotel is entitled to pay 5,000, -HUF extra fee over the 3000, -HUF normal pet fee.
8.3. The guest is completely responsible for damage caused by his/her pets.
9. Own meals and drinks
Guests are not allowed to bring their own food or drink in the hotel's restaurant or in the public areas.
10. Liability of the guests for damages

Guest shall accept responsibility for all damage which is suffered by service provider, or a third party as a result of the behaviour of guest, its companion, or by any parties falling under the supervision of the above-listed parties. (pl(Extra cleaning fee is 15.000, -HUF.)
11. Indemnification obligation of service provider
11.1 Service provider shall assume liability for all damage caused to the guest within the hotel premises due to the fault of service provider or its employees.
11.1.1. The scope of liability of service provider shall not include cases of damage, when the damage is caused due to reasons, which could not be averted within the scope of influence of the employees of service provider and the guests, or which are caused by the guest or the parties falling under the scope of control of guest.
11.1.2. Service provider reserves the right to designate premises within the hotel, which are not allowed for guests. Service provider shall visibly indicate such areas/premises. Service provider shall not assume any liability for damage caused to guest or to any parties falling under the supervision of guest at places which are not allowed to be used by guests.
11.1.3. Service provider’s indemnification obligation shall only exist, if guest reports the damage immediately after the occurrence of the damage to reception by providing the necessary details and information.
11.2. Service provider shall only be liable for the loss, destruction or injury to the assets, securities or cash of guest, if service provider specially received such thing, or the damage was caused by a reason for which service provider is liable as per as the general rules and regulations. In this case the obligation of proof shall be born with guest.
11.2.1Service provider does not take any liability for luggage pieces of the contracting party and the content of those, upon check-in and check-out, placing and removing the items into and from a vehicle and during transport to and from the guest rooms.
11.2.2 The hotel is not responsible for any valuables left in the hotel car park. The hotel examines the occurrence of damage to the parked vehicles and reimburses, if the damage was caused by the hotel negligent fault.
11.3 For technical or medical reasons closed wellness area / sports facilities claiming compensation is not accepted. Compliance with the stated rules of use in these places is mandatory for all guests.




Check-in: from 15:00

Check-out: until 10:00

Breakfast: 8:00-10:00

Restaurant: 12:00-21:00

Reception: 0:00-24:00