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Az is fontos mi mit mondunk magunkról, de ennél talán hitelesebb korábbi vendégek véleménye rólunk. A Geréby Kúria vendégértékelései az egyes portálokon.


Our guests ask us for their favourite recipe several times, which we provide them with pleasure. To give you a foretaste, here you are one of the favourite ones:

“Bachelor-hunter” soup:
Ingredients for 4 people:
- 50 g onion
- 20 g oil
- 200 g mixed vegetables
- 100 g mushroom
- half of a lemon
- 1 bunch of dill
- 1 bunch of parsley
- 10 g salt
- 200 g filet of turkey breast, shoulder-blade and goose gizzard
- tarragon to taste
- sour cream, lemon juice (or lemon)

Steam onion on butter, and add diced vegetables, mushroom, meat, tarragon, dill and parsley. Dilute it with meat soup and add cream slurry. Don’t forget to add some extra sour cream and fine cut dill at serving.

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